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WSDA Certified - Grade A Raw Goat Milk

We are a family owned and operated WSDA certified, Grade A Raw Goat Milk Dairy in Roy, Washington. Our herd of goats are a mix of Nubians, Golden Guernsey, La Mancha and French Alpine. We feel this is the perfect mix of breeds for the best tasting milk. 

Goat Milk is A2

Goat milk is naturally A2 which means it is healthier and more easily digested. Many people can tolerate A2 milk much better.

Our goats are fed Non GMO feed

The "girls" are fed only the best hay and grain available to us. Our  hay is non GMO and free from sprays. 

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We love our customers, so make sure to call for an appointment. 253-377-6551 We live on the farm but also work off the farm and want to make sure we do not miss you!

Gast Family Dairy

103 394th Street South, Roy, Washington 98580, United States P.O. Box 561, McKenna, WA 98558


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