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Pasture Raised Goat Meat


Pasture Raised Goat Meat

We are now offering pasture raised goat meat for sale. Either whole or half at $7.99/lb hanging/live weight. It will already be cut/wrapped and ready for you to pick up. Most of our butcher ready goats average 70lbs live weight. A $100 non refundable deposit is due BEFORE butcher. If you are interested or have questions please contact us. 

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Goat meat is low in calories, total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol than traditional meats, goat meat has higher levels of iron when compared to a similar serving size of beef, pork, lamb and chicken. Comparatively, goat meat also contains higher potassium content with lower sodium levels. Our goats are free to browse on pasture year round, eat only locally sourced hay and Non GMO OR TILTH certified grain.